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PALKO MUSKI – PolkaPunk & GypsyDisko

**Palko!Muski is a live experience. Countless performances by the band are testimony to the unbridled energy that sweeps the audience up into the emotional release delivered by Baptiste Beleffi and his fellow musicians. „Land of Ego“, the latest album, takes you on a musical journey through the world of gypsy-polka-punk-rock ’n‘ roll. The tightrope between longing and disappointment, between joy and sorrow, between tragedy and get-up-and-go has become more powerful. And an even stronger musical explosion follows hot on the heels of the emotional implosion — the music becomes an act of release.

**Palko!Muski have made a name for themselves with their rousing and exuberant live acts. However, there is much more to them than that: „Land of Ego“ gives singer and keyboardist Baptiste Beleffi and his fellow musicians the chance to reveal what lies inside: their vulnerable side, the search to find their roots, failed love and the desire to defy norms and genres. Indeed, Palko!Muski are venturing into uncharted territory here, but they know they’re in the excellent company of musical idols such as the great melancholics Lemmy Kilmister, Tom Waits and Arno Hintjens, who can growl, screech and let it rip with the best of them. Palko!Muski have been together for ten years, constantly developing their repertoire, and have taken their stage show to new heights of art. In French-speaking Switzerland they’re known as „Les brutes de Zurich“. You simply couldn’t describe it better.

** Palko!Muski are 
Baptiste Beleffi – lead vocals, keys
Matthias Honegger – bass, backing vocals
Bertrand Vorpe – guitar, backing vocals
Pascal Lopinat – drums
Christoph Craviolini – accordion


Text: Rob Neuhaus